Lakka 2.1 RC6 released with new Allwinner and Rockchip images and Kiosk mode

The Lakka team just released the newest release candidate for version 2.1 including support for the Allwinner boards and boards with Rockchip. Also very interesting feature is the new kiosk mode, which prevents users from changing settings. From their blog post:

Lakka 2.1 RC6 is available for download. It’s a very important update that brings support for a lot of new boards and fixes many compatibility issues.

You can download the builds from


  • Allwinner images: We now have completely new builds for Allwinner boards, based on the mainline kernel and u-boot. With this new project, we can support many new boards with very little efforts. Being based on a recent kernel increase compatibility with newer joypads and dongles. These new images will replace the a10, a20, H3 and Bananapi images.
  • OdroidXU4 update: A kernel and u-boot update fixes the eMMC boot. It also improves TV detection and adds more resolutions. Special thanks to Hardkernel for gifting an XU4 and the new eMMC modules.
  • Kiosk mode: Enabling the kiosk mode will prevent users to access the settings. You can setup a password to disable the kiosk mode. This work is provided by Brunnis.
  • New Rockchip Images for the Tinkerboard, ROCK64 and MiQi boards, using the latest 4.4.96 LTS kernel and mainline 2017.11 u-boot, provided by Ntemis. With future plans to switch to mainline v4.14 LTS.
  • Parallel-N64 emulator with multithreaded Angrylion.
  • Scanning for Gamecube CDs.
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Core updates.

Known issues

  • DualShock 4 input bugs on some controllers
  • Keyboard input bug on Parallel-N64 on PC
  • Parallel-N64 crashes on PC 32bit
  • Animated background and audio issues in Shared Context mode (with Dolphin)
  • Typing Wi-Fi password with a keyboard on RPi is broken, use a joypad instead

Future plans

  • An Allwinner 64bit project

Installing or upgrading

You can upgrade from Lakka 2.0 or 2.1 by dropping the img.gz into the Update folder and rebooting.