Recalbox 17.12.02

Recalbox got released in a new version including a bug fix: looks like in the version released the other day, many experienced lags while browsing their game lists.

We released the 17.12.01 version last Friday and some people detected some lags while browsing games and even while playing.

This was due to the steam controller service that was always started on boot, even if you don’t have a steam controller.

We fixed that behavior, and you can now upgrade your recalbox to 17.12.02.

For a fresh install, download recalbox images on


Recalbox 17.12.01

The Recalbox team continues to deliver new releases; this time 17.12.01 was released yesterday. Many new features were included like

  • We have done a big emulators update. So retroarch gets bumped on 1.6.9, ScummVM on 1.10.0 “unstable”, DosBox on 0.74 r4063 (Thanks lmerckx) and all libretro cores have been bumped on last version ! See more on this dedicated blogpost
    For your information, the fba-libretro core is now based on fba v0.2.97.42.
    So don’t forget to upgrade your romset before playing. The new .dat files are available here !
  • On X86 and X86_64 Recalbox version, you can now emulate PSX with the mednafen_psx cores ! See more on this dedicated blogpost
  • Dolphin emulator now supports hotkey shortcuts and you can access to the GUI settings. We also enhanced the emulated wiimotes support !
  • On X86 and X86_64 we added a new software, imlib2_grab to be able to take command line screenshots !
  • On X86 and X86_64 again, the boot menu (GRUB) have now a verbose option, to help you/us in support.
  • We also fixed a bug about configuration of several wifi networks. Thanks OyyoDams
  • From Odroid C2 & XU4 side, you can now play N64 with the mupen64plus GLideN64 video plugin (defined by default on XU4) !
  • And some other points that you can read on the changelog displayed on your Recalbox !

Check out their blog post here.

Recalbox 17.11.10

Recalbox keeps on delivering; time for 17.11.10. From their blog:

We keep the release rate quite high with this new 17.11.10 version of Recalbox !

Let’s get in the depths of the new features :

  • If you’re following us, you’ve seen our tease on Hyperion, which turns your Recalbox into an ambilight-like system if you have the right hardware ! See more on this dedicated blogpost
  • Add Petrock’s controlblock quirk to make it recognize the 2 players. Thank you @petrockblog!
  • You can now suffix a .scummvm to the directories name in the scummvm rom folder ! Once you do this, you won’t have to browse in the subfolder to start the game. You can even scrap the directory for better visuals ! Remember you still need the .scummvm file inside the folder. For example : call your Monkey Island 2 folder monkey2.scummvm, scrape, and play !
  • New pads configured out of the box: Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller and Switch Pro Controller, 8bitdo FC30 Arcade (BT and USB), Thrustmaster T Mini Wireless and Orange Controller
  • Added a new Lynx core (libretro-handy) by default. This new core should be less exacting with romsets !

On a side note, we’ve made a big internal change again on the Recalbox repository structure. This was a major step leading to a general upgrade of the Linux we’re built on. The 2nd stage is almost ready and will be open for testers very soon, and the 3rd stage will be that major upgrade ! Oh did I forgot to mention that this 3rd step will bring Kodi 17 ?

We do keep our word with new releases, don’t we ? 😉

Yes, you guys do and it is much appreciated 🙂 Thanks.

Grab the latest version from here.

Recalbox 17.11.02

Recalbox kept their promise with releasing more often then only once or twice a year and came up with a version fixing one or the other bug as per below list. More important is that the release versioning got changed: instead of going with an incremental number, they will use the date going forward. Like for this version, it is 17.11.02. Pretty easy I would say.

Here are the improvements:

  • New firmwares for x86 (mostly for INTEL devices)
  • Moonlight now finally runs without crashing at start
  • Better logs on bluetooth pairing
  • Slightly increased the bluetooth scanning time
  • Fixed a bug on bluetooth that applied a 8bitdo-only fix to any paired device
  • The security option can now be correctly disabled
  • Pad reordering now works with PPSSPP
  • Moga pro pad now supported
  • BlueMSX default options changed (MSX2/60Hz/ym2413=enabled)

Get the latest version from their page:

From their blog:


recalbox 4.1 is out

Not only the Lakka team got news, also the recalbox got an exciting headline after quite some time of development: Recalbox 4.1 just got released with some great features and updates.

Here you go:

At last … After more than a year of development, several public unstable releases starting from February with quite much feedback from all of you, dear community, and many other changes that you wouldn’t see (new blog, new infrastructure, new way of developing/building/releasing, and much more …)

We are really glad to release this 4.1 version of Recalbox ! Here are some of the main features of this new version:

  • Bluetooth has been totally reworked (and I DO mean totally rewritten) so we can support the Pi3 internal bluetooth. Please note you MUST pair again all your devices, that’s something that can’t be upgraded.
  • New supported boards : Odroid XU4 and C2, PC X86 (32 and 64 bits) … as well as the Pi0-w !
  • Regarding the EmulationStation side : many new translations, contextual help, new favourite icons, update download progress percentage, Screenscraper natively supported, audio output device selection, many bugs solved … and a virtual keyboard!
  • A new web manager, thanks to DjLeChuck. Go to http://recalbox (Windows only) or http://recalbox.local (Linux and MAC)
  • New drivers for XBox360, DualShock3 + DualShock4 pads supported on bluetooth (all pads generations may not be compatible)
  • New systems : AppleII, DOS, PSP, Dreamcast and … Commodore64 ! And even Gamecube and Wii (but only on PC 64 bits)? Those systems are not available on all boards. If you see no new folder in the roms directory, then the system is not supported on your board.
  • New MAME emulator : advancemame 3.4 (only available on Pi for now)
  • Better support for TFT screens
  • No more trouble with FAT32 formatting ! Recalbox is now also available as an image format !

And many other new features that you’ll discover as soon as your Recalbox is updated ! So join us on the forums to celebrate this new release and to share your feedback (and bugs … eventually … I hope not !)

One last thing : please be patient during the update. Recalbox will have to reboot several times, the screen can turn black for a while … Do not worry, it’s al under control ! Just let your Recalbox work !

PS : Want more ? Have a look here for the complete changelog (that will anyway be displayed once your upgrade is over), .img are available on the complete download page.

And if you ever feel unpatient during the update and want to spoil yourself with some new features of 4.1 have a look on the 4.1 Youtube playlist.
Source: Recalbox