Lakka 2.1 RC5 released with improved Dolphin support and experimental ASUS TinkerBoard support

The Lakka team released their newest release candidate RC5 with many improvements for Gamecube fans and users of the Asus TinkerBoard. Directly from their blog post:

We are proud to announce the release of Lakka 2.1 RC5!

This version required a lot of teamwork. We merged in LibreELEC 8.2 Beta changes, updated RetroArch, and updated all the emulators and other libretro cores.

Ntemis added support for some Rockchip boards, including the ASUS Tinkerboard. These new images are still experimental.

You can download the builds from


  • LibreELEC 8.2 Bêta merged
    • Kernel updates for PC, RPi and more
    • New wifi drivers and fixes
    • SAMBA 4
    • RPi firmware updates
    • Switch back to OpenSSL
  • RetroArch updated to 1.6.7
    • RetroArch is now able to run Dolphin without having to manually switch to shared context
    • Scanner fixes
    • Favorites ROMs tab
    • UI Performance improvements
    • Playlist entries can be renamed
    • Updated translations
    • Countless minor fixes
  • All the libretro cores updated to their latest version. A few notable changes:
    • Important Atari 800 improvements
    • Important Dolphin update, improved performance
    • Reicast now builds for i386 and ARM (but still unable to run ROMs)
    • SameBoy fixed
    • FB Alpha update
    • Important Beetle-PSX update
    • New game engine by Rob Loach: ChaiGame
    • Important Citra update
    • Nestopia fixed
  • New Rockchip based boards supported (experimental)
    • ASUS TinkerBoard
    • MiQi
    • ROCK64
    • RK3328

Known issues

  • DualShock 4 input bugs on some controllers
  • Keyboard input bug on Parallel-N64 on PC
  • Parallel-N64 crashes on PC 32bit
  • Animated background and audio issues in Shared Context mode (with Dolphin)
  • Typing Wi-Fi password with a keyboard on RPi is broken, use a joypad instead

Future plans

  • Merge all Allwinner projects (A10, A20, BananaPi, OrangePi) into a single project
  • Switch to the open source GPU driver on Raspberry Pi
  • DragonBoard port

Installing or upgrading

You can upgrade from Lakka 2.0 or 2.1 by dropping the img.gz into the Update folder and rebooting.

Source:  Lakka team log post


Libretro cores progress report

A new blog entry from libretro with some interesting news:

This time it is mostly for people using powerful hardware, this includes CPU and GFX cards, to run their games on: Resolutions supported up to 16K! That should be enough details for everyone out there.

What does that mean exactly?

  • Dolphin supports now resolutions up to 12k, which is 12160×10032
  • OpenLara can run at 16K or with 16000×9000 pixels
  • Craft (Minecraft clone) also 16k; 16000×9000 pixels
RetroArch Dolphin Mario Sunshine 4k (Downscaled from 16K)

There is also news on a new software-based renderer Angrylion for the Nintendo 64 core, which is also target currently only at high-end CPU’s.

For further details and more impressive screenshots check out the libretro blog post: