How to sort your games on the Everdrive GBx for Gameboy

You just bought your new Everdrive GBx 7 for the Gameboy, copied your games on it and now struggle to find an individual title because there is literally no sorting on the GBx flashcard? Yep, that was the situation I found myself in. The GBx’ (current) OS does not support sorting…

So here is the simple solution:


– You need the tool “SD Sorter”. You can download it from the official page either for Windows or Linux at

  1. Create a backup of your card (or games) as always
  2. Start SD Sorter
  3. Select your SD card on the left hand side
  4. Select “Name” under “Sort by”
  5. And if you got subfolder, also tick “Process subfolders” under “List option”
  6. Then press “Sort SD Card” and the tools is doing its job
  7. Safely remove your SD card, insert into your GBx and you are set.

Any questions or problems? Use the comments section below.

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