SD2SNES Firmware 1.11.0 released

Ikari just released the new firmware for the SD2SNES Super Nintendo flashcard and increased it to the final version of 1.11.0. Here is a summary of features added and fixed implemented.

The blog post contains a lot more information, so make sure to head over to his original post to read more about known issues, save states and much more.

Features added:

  • First firmware release to support FXPAK Pro Rev. D
  • USB (usb2snes) support by RedGuy
  • Save state support (via USB/savestate2snes) by RedGuy
  • Stand-alone save state features by FURiOUS
  • Some compatibility improvements and optimizations for stand-alone save states by ikari_01
    • Add support for YAML list items for multiple savestate_fixes entries per game
    • Add support for simple bitwise operations on savestate_fixes patches
    • Add support for verbatim code execution on savestate_fixes patches – notably fixes Star Ocean (decompressed) save states (however the save state hook still needs CPU time optimization to prevent music glitches in Star Ocean.)
    • Add IRQ support on top of NMI for the save state hook – this enables save states on Out Of This World and possibly other games that only use IRQ. Also fixes controller input capture on a number of games so the game-specific input hacks could be eliminated.
    • Moved save state code outside of the USB hook area to make room for USB hook execution.
  • SGB support by Redacted173.
  • Favorite games list by freelancer42


  • Fixed savestates crashing occasionally when loading (and sometimes saving)
  • Fixed Star Fox locking up during sortie sequence when in-game hooks are enabled
  • Updated FURiOUS’s Savestates Readme to reflect changes pertaining to In-game hook
  • Fixed data caching bug in MSU1 data extension which could cause wrong data to be streamed
  • Savestates: do not try to capture data that is already in cartridge space anyway (e.g. SRAM). Fixes text distortion in Near’s Bahamut Lagoon translation when loading a state.
  • Fixed YAML config parser to support comment signs after list start items
  • Fixed SNES open-bus contamination (fixes sprite flickering in Near’s Bahamut Lagoon translation, certain speed runs that rely on open bus behaviour)
  • (hopefully) fixed rapid data line toggling sometimes resulting in address line glitches, causing random crashes in extreme cases, and occasional garbled graphics on SMRPG among others
  • Fixed data integrity problems when loading BSX games

Download (local mirror)
Download via SD2SNES: