Recalbox 17.11.02

Recalbox kept their promise with releasing more often then only once or twice a year and came up with a version fixing one or the other bug as per below list. More important is that the release versioning got changed: instead of going with an incremental number, they will use the date going forward. Like for this version, it is 17.11.02. Pretty easy I would say.

Here are the improvements:

  • New firmwares for x86 (mostly for INTEL devices)
  • Moonlight now finally runs without crashing at start
  • Better logs on bluetooth pairing
  • Slightly increased the bluetooth scanning time
  • Fixed a bug on bluetooth that applied a 8bitdo-only fix to any paired device
  • The security option can now be correctly disabled
  • Pad reordering now works with PPSSPP
  • Moga pro pad now supported
  • BlueMSX default options changed (MSX2/60Hz/ym2413=enabled)

Get the latest version from their page:

From their blog:


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