RPCS3: Progress Report: August 2017

The RPCS3 team reported on their progress from last months. Besides some general emulation improvements, there are also fixes for various titles.

Lets have a look at the major highlights:

Rewritten Vertex Processing
This is the first step of reworking how vertices are processed in the graphics emulation. In the absolutely simplest term possible, computer graphics are usually drawn by a method called rasterization. If a game programmer wants to show a basic triangle on the screen all one needs to provide are three dots which are then connected to form the triangle. These dots are also called vertices. Every game seen in this progress report is rendered with this method, there are just a lot of vertices to connect. Previously the processing of vertices was done on the CPU which was a real bottleneck in many games, especially games with complex graphics. But vertex processing is now moved over to the GPU where the process belongs. This is a potentially huge performance boost, especially on slower CPUs. One example can be seen above, but many of the game mentioned later in this report also got faster from these changes by kd-11.

SPU Improvements and liblv2 fixes
During the last few hours of August, Nekotekina pushed a mega commit containing various changes mostly in the areas of SPU and liblv2. The PS3 processor has six special SPU cores and then there are various options for game developers to manage these. Nekotekina fixed RawSPU which is basically a way of managing synchronization primitives on the SPU cores and allows great freedom for game developers. This isn’t commonly used but some high end games like the PS3 versions of the Crysis games uses this. Incidentally Crysis now goes past the RawSPU crash it had and… dies 0.1 seconds later on something else. There were also other SPU related changes around how code can be loaded and managed.

Savedata Manager, Input Manager, and Initial Trophies
pi_rho_man added a savedata manager in RPCS3. This allows one to easily view every save file in every game and also to delete them. The image says it all really. It is a very useful little tool to check for example playtime, or if a save taken from a real PS3 got decrypted properly.

GalCiv with the help of hcorion added the option to configure multiple and mixed controllers. It is now possible to play games with co-op or splitscreen with, for example, an Xbox controller for one player, keyboard for another, and a PS3 controller for the third person. One game that this works very well in is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game which many people have played co-op on already.

Lastly, pi_rho_man started to fix the backend of trophies and also add some graphics when they are unlocked. This is still work in progress and not finished or available on the master branch yet, but seen above is a first test of a trophy unlocking. First make it work, then make it work better. Naturally, the look and feel of this system will be improved before it is merged.

Dedicated Forums, Improved Compatibility List, and Website Dark Mode
Ever since RPCS3 was started by DH and Hykem back in 2011 emunewz.net had been the home of the project, providing an RPCS3 subforum that was for many years only used to discuss the few homebrew and later commercial games that even displayed a black screen. However, since those good old days and especially this year when full time development happened thanks to Patreon, RPCS3 has come to outgrow the old emunewz forums. Therefore we made our own forums here on rpcs3.net, and there is a post going into much greater detail on why the new forums were started and what the future looks like. Visit the new forums to learn more. Of course every old post was imported and old user accounts can very easily be too. If you want to import your old account, the forum post above explains how to do so.

So many games were improved this month that it would be impossible to cover all of them. Instead, here are 11 select games or groups of games that are either interesting in some way, popular with our users, or that represent a certain change in a clear way.

Check out their blog post for further details.

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