We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip – Steam

Think you and your bestie can take on any challenge together? We’d like to see you try! This new bite-sized standalone We Were Here experience will really put your friendship to the test. To prove that your friendship can overcome anything, you will need to take on several puzzling challenges.

It’s all about Communication, Teamwork… and Trust. Talk together, work together, and most of all, believe in your friend.

The game is also claimable in the PlayStation-Store. Have a look there too, if you are a PlayStation gamer.

Dungeon of the ENDLESS
Free (TBD)10/13/2023
Web link:
Launcher link

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PlayStation Plus – Prices will increase soon – Get now up to 13% off

I’m sure you have already read the news, but there are just a few more days remaining before Sony increases prices on all of its PlayStation membership packages.

Sony has officially announced price increases of approximately 40% on all of its memberships. The price change comes into effect on the 6th of September. You can read more about it here.

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RPCS3 introduces high resolution rendering

RPCS3, the promising Playstation 3 (PS3) emulator, introduces high resolution rendering. What does that mean? That RPCS3 is producing a much nicer picture then the original PS3 could handle. This is achieved by using a much higher resolution which brings many more details of the texture and assets of the games to the light. Have a look at the below video to see the difference:



Check out their blog posts for further details on this exciting feature the RPCS3 team developed.

PS3 Emulator – RPCS3

As I am usually more interested into older systems to play, I read the first time about a working PlayStation 3 emulator today. You as well? They call themselves the ‘The world’s first open-source Sony PlayStation 3 Emulator for Windows and Linux’, so we are probably not the only ones. So lets have a look at what RPCS3 exactly is and what it can do already. From their ‘About’ page: