RPCS3: Progress Report December 2017

Another impressive update from the Playstation 3 emulator RPCS development team by end of the year. They have some great news to report with improvements around Uncharted (widescreen anyone?), God of War and much more; sometimes the titles are now finally loadable, enter into the game or some are now even playable. If you got performant enough hardware obviously.

Check out the December improvement teaser:

Here are some games to be highlighted in their current progress report:


Armored Core V

Armored Core V used to crash past the main menu but now goes ingame for the first time! Graphics are looking decent but performance is quite low at the moment.

Demon’s Souls

The above video is quite nicely put together and compares graphics between RPCS3 running the game in 4k, and a real PS3. Not only is graphics emulation seemingly perfect, 4k rendering brings out a lot of hidden detail in armor among other things.

Gran Turismo HD Concept

Thanks to various work by Nekotekina and kd-11 performance improved slightly. Be sure to use 1920×1080 resolution (not resolution scaling) with this game or graphics will have quite a few issues.

Heavenly Sword

Thanks to Jarveson’s SPU fixes from last month Heavenly Sword went from crashing when going ingame, to actually going ingame and being stable. Combined with graphics fixes this month, and some performance improvements by Nekotekina, and it now runs quite well as seen in the video above!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Thanks to performance improvements by Nekotekina and some graphics fixes by kd-11 All-Stars now looks pretty good graphically, although it is still too slow to be truly playable.

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time

Thanks to Jarves, this game no longer requires libaudio.sprx to boot which means audio will actually play now! However the audio is quite stuttery and the game does have some issues still as you can see in the video above.

Uncharted 1: Drake’s Fortune

Uncharted 1 got tested quite a lot by the community, in the above video we see some gameplay from the second level of the game, which also proves it is possible to (slowly) progress a bit into it. That said, there are still occasional crashed every now and then.

In the above screenshot we see a user running Uncharted 1 with an ultra widescreen patch! That patch is truly changing the aspect ratio of the game and showing much more of the game on the screen without any stretching.

Wipeout HD

Wipeout HD went ingame with the SPU fixes by Jarves last month, and thanks to graphics and stability fixes by kd-11, and performance improvements by Nekotekina, it now runs quite nicely. While not quite full speed yet, it is getting there.

For even ore details check out: https://rpcs3.net/blog/2018/01/03/progress-report-december-2017/