VGA Adapter Toro

One of the best VGA adapters for the Sega Dreamcast is Toro, the so called “Advanced Video box for Dreamcast”. It offers various feature beyond the amazing VGA output: RGB output, scanliner, separate stereo audio output and much more. See further down.

The VGA output, and that was for me the main to buy the Toro is simply stunning. Very clear and sharp picture, bright colors. Definitely not comparable to the cheap adapters you can buy for 5USD.; it costs a bit more but definitely worth the price.

The device looks professionally built, nothing wobbles, and got a nice blue LED integrated so see when it is active. You have to make sure the connector is plugged correctly to the Dreamcast, you might push it in a bit more then you think is required otherwise you get an unstable connection.

I had a loose contact in the cable between the Toro and the Dremcast after a few month and contacted the guys. They replied back within a couple of hours (on a Sunday!) and offered to send a new cable immediately for free as it is still under warranty. Really great service provided here.

So where to get it from?



Toro is a Dreamcast video box with multiple video outputs. It has both VGA and Euro Scart connectors to output RGBS (composite sync) and RGBHV for maximum compatibility with displays and upscalers. So you can play both RGB Scart and VGA compatible games. Like the Hanzo it’s a built-in Scanline Generator to add scanlines. Basically it’s a combination of Hanzo and Kenzei with less features like RCA RGBS outputs and scart/rca video pass-through function.

Now you can use your Dreamcast with the XRGB Mini or other upscalers/pro monitors without any additional sync combiner devices like Kenzei…

Both CSYNC and H&V SYNC modes supported
Euro Scart connector can output RGBS (CSYNC) (480i+480p for the XRGB)
VGA connector can output RGBS or RGBHV. It’s selectable by a push button.

It’s possible to turn off scanlines easily with a switch, you can also select Even or Odd scanlines. You can also change the width of the scanlines, thin or thick for a resolution like 1024×768..
You can use Toro as a standalone sync combiner + Scanliner for other consoles/PC with VGA output if you use the extra Scanliner cable.

You just need to swap the DC cable with the Scanliner cable which has a VGA (HD15) male plug for input.

Both RGB and VGA modes supported for full compatibility! XRGB can be fed with 15/31khz through Scart…

Pure Audio output in Stereo…
Toro has RCA Stereo audio jacks to let you plug your console to an amplifier or a stereo system or simply your TV. So you can hear the sounds which you have never before and feel as you are in the game.