4DO: 3DO libretro emulator supports now arcade games

The libretro core of the 3DO emulator 4DO supports now finally arcade games. As you can see, there are even playable games. The lightgun can be emulated by using your mouse.

From the blog:

After recently involving myself in the 3DO emulator 4DO I started looking over miscellaneous 3DO forums. Over at the Arcade-Museum.com forum I came across a post by willkaotix of klov who had the 3DO based arcade game Shootout At Old Tucson and had desoldered the ROM with an interest to get it dumped. This was back on 2015-10-18. Having not seen a conclusion to the thread nor the ROM floating in the wild I reached out to willkaotix.

willkaotix got back to me and having realized he had the ability to dump the ROM himself he did so… and here it is: 3do_arcade_saot_rom.zip

  • filename: 3do_arcade_saot.bin
  • size: 524288
  • crc32: b832da9a
  • md5: 8970fc987ab89a7f64da9f8a8c4333ff
  • sha1: 520d3d1b5897800af47f92efd2444a26b7a7dead

I’ve added support for the ROM in LibRetro’s 4DO core. This enables the loading, but currently not the playing (see below), of the publicly available dumped 3DO arcade games: Shootout At Old Tucson and Orbatak. The reason these games are not currently playable is due to these arcade games using custom controllers but there is an effort to reverse engineer them. It was/is possible to use the patched FZ-10 BIOS as well to boot these but for completeness it is nice to have this dumped finally.

Things of note: the BIOS is half the size of retail units. It has no attract mode. Retail games will not boot when using it.

Source: http://spawn.link/3do-arcade-saot-bios/

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